The idea for this concept was to create a visually unique experience for the receiver of the invitation. The client wanted something that would have a classic tone but yet be modern and different from what was and is currently seen on the market of wedding invitations.  Keeping a simple color palette of blue hues inspired by the bride's engagement ring with a deep blue sapphire helped keep a minimalistic system. As the wedding date got closer we also realized that we needed a digital version that would give a similar experience the original digital did and I create a animated wedding invitation that could be sent through email to the remainder of the guest who wouldn't be able to receive a physical letter due to the International mailing system of that country.
In regards to the process, this project had a lot of sweat and long nights because of the uniqueness of the shape of the individual pieces each invitation was hand-crafted by me.  I had to conduct several trial prints both laser and inkjet printers and variety of papers to make sure we had the best quality of paper and texture.

The invites were all hand-crafted, above is the final version of the physical invite.

Detail shot of physical invitation asset.

Spanish, Digital Invitacion

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