During my internship in EL Salvador  I was assigned with the task to work on this Chip packaging after the design agency (Perros Y Gatos) had rebranded the Monteco Brand. As I was playing around with the concept I decided I wanted to make sure that one the brand escaped from what the rest of the brand were doing and second that it would reach their target market. 
In a competitive nacho chip and tostadas market, the Monteco brand was looking for a fresh package that would allow them to stand out. Using the clear packaging as an element, a bright color palette, and fun patterns allowed for the package to work with the Brand’s new look. I am happy to say that they loved the direction and are now in production. 

One of the Tags for the Bags.

1 of 4 designs presented of the Monteco Nacho Chip bag presented to the  Client.

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