Reaching your audience starts by having the right voice. As visual designers, our emphasis is to help the brand convey their message. In this re-brand, the fun colors, character design, and custom typeface bring fun to a place that most people would prefer not to go to. The idea behind the brand's mascot Ollie the Alligator came after doing some research on the companies website were I noticed that the dentist were doing toothbrushing excises with the kids with a stuffed alligator. 
As part of this branding project, I used Philio Sans as the brand's typeface because of the fun characters and simple shapes created by the letter forms. Philio Sans' fun characters brought a friendlier vibe to the brand.

Portland Children's Dentistry Business Cards with the brand's mascot, Ollie the Alligator.

Poster Series, to be displayed in the office space and around town for advertisement. 

Patient Forms

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