This project was something new for me as a designer because it was interesting to design using tabs and finding a way to get hierarchy in a simple and precise way. As I was looking for things that weren't very common in forms. The First Date form was designed after having a couple of conversations with my single friends. As an over-thinker in life, I wanted to create a  help card and feedback form that could help someone like me to stop overthinking certain things from a date. I wanted the form to be welcoming for both parties and I decided that a warm color palette would help the form be less intimidating. 
 Because dating is rough, I decided that I would expand my form and create an actual kit for people to have so that they could become better daters and not feel so much pressure of being single. This self-care kit would come with some pampering items as well as things that they could bring on their date like to help them ease into the dating experience. 

First Date Form, and "Before the Date" Checklist

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