To calm the over-thinkers of the dating world, the first date form and help card were designed to get feedback on their date. The use of a limited but bright color palette and strong use of organization, helps both parties enjoy both the filling out and receiving process. This form would be filled out by the person's date and it would serve as a way to give a review to their date.
This project was something new for me as a designer because it was interesting to design using tabs and finding a way to get hierarchy in a simple and precise way. As I was looking for things that weren't very common in forms. I wanted to make first date more productive for people, so that they could become a better dater. This would help get over the awkwardness of not knowing what the other person wants and would open the door to a higher quality in dating. Because dating is rough, I decided that I would expand my form and create an actual kit for people to have so that they could become better daters and not feel so much pressure. 

First Date Form, and "Before the Date" Checklist

First Date Survival Kit

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