After spending long nights in an attempt to hand lettering a whole project, and thinking there has to be a better way to do this, Philio Sans was born. Philio’s quirky and fun adds warmth to your designs and works well with illustrations and body copy text.
Philio Sans is bold, simple, and fun. It's clean characters work well together in a serious or playful setting. Philio also works well with illustration and body copy text. Currently, Philio is only available in regular, but soon hopes to have a family! 

Philio Sans Characters

As part of this project there needed to be a specimen book that displayed Philio in the best way possible. As part of this series. As a way to promote Philio a series of cards and posters were created. Also, Philio was a crucial key player in the Rebrand of The Portland Children's Dentistry brand.
font specimen book

Philio Sans Specimen Book

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